Wireless communication systems for Space, Defense and Safety applications

Your provider of high reliable RF products for harsh environments.


Expert in miniaturization of high performances radio communication and positioning systems for space, defence and safety applications.
Designer and manufacturer of highly reliable, low power & low profile products.
More than 200 years of cumulative operating life time in orbit with 0 default observed demonstrates the reliability of our products. More than 50 Flight Models of communications systems launched with 0 default observed in orbit, even on missions longer than 5 years life time.
Long time partnership with CNES and ESA for LEO spacecrafts (MYRIADE, MYRIADE EVOLUTIONS and PROBA platforms).
Supplier of ruggedized and compact communication systems for electronic warfare
Supplier of the smallest distress beacon for emergency beacons in the world. Thanks to the use of a specific integrated circuit, the size of the electronic board could be reduced to only 3 cm x 3 cm and fitted into the Emergency Watch from Breitling.


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Syrlinks is recruiting !

Syrlinks is recruiting

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