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Many "institutional" partners in France and Europe have placed their trust in Syrlinks and collaborate in the development of a range of high-end

  • Space : CNES and ESA are working with Syrlinks on R&T activities in order to develop innovative products for microsatellites.

  • Defense : Technical team of the French Defense (Direction Générale de l'Armement) is located close to Syrlinks facility. This proximity facilitates the design of flexible electronic warfare products and embedded positioning systems.

  • Safety : :Syrlinks is collaborating with CNES and CLS in designing miniature solutions for Cospas-Sarsat, Argos and AIS-MOB beacons.

Syrlinks is working closely with universities and schools located mainly in Britany :

  • IETR (INSA, Supelec, ...)

  • ESIR

  • UBS & UBO (Labsticc, Sup Telecom Brest)

  • Institut FEMTO

The Technopole Rennes Atalante and Britain Entrepreneurship Network support the development of Syrlinks since its inception to facilitate collaborations with companies in French Brittany.

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