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Space and Defense Ruggedized Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillators

Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillators (OCXO)

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Download EWOS 0513 Data Sheet

Download EWOS 0830 Data Sheet

Syrlinks has been developing miniaturized OCXO since the late 80’s. Since the early stages, the Company focused its design efforts toward miniaturization and very low power consumption.

Today, Syrlinks offers one of the best physical trade-off between power consumption and frequency stability, making the EWOS© family the best choice for all demanding embedded applications, providing 10-7 type of frequency stability and saving battery life.

               Syrlinks OCXO Frequency Stability and Power Trade-Off


High Reliability Space OCXO for micro-satellites


Since late 90’s, more than 13 space missions using Syrlinks OCXOs has been launched with more than 200 OCXOs in orbit without any failures. Missions types are Telecom, Science, Observatory missions. In particular, 4 units of EWOS0513 have been used in Rosetta orbiter and Philae lander (10-years mission)

  • High long-term stability at 10 years
  • Robust and reliable, 100% without failures


EWOS0513/B (ESA Level below 3)

  • Best compromise performance vs. Cost
  • Flight proven, Low cost
    • 10 MHz, 5V, 2E-11 short term stability
    • 0.2ppm between –30°C/+60°C
    • Very low phase noise

EWOS0525 (ESA Level below 3)

  • Ruggedized model for high mechanical stress & shocks
  • Flight proven, Low cost
    • 10 MHz, 5V, ±0.1ppm –40°C/+60°C, 5E-10/g acceleration sensitivity
    • Low cost and great solution when resistance to shocks is a must

EWOS4501 (ESA Level 2)

  • Latest release used on Syrlinks’ newest flight models
  • Delivered with datapack, under evaluation with CNES
    • 32.768 MHz, 5V, 100 kRad, Latchup immune 67.7 MeV/lg/cm2
    • Extensive screening test


High Reliability and Low cost Space OCXO for large or mega constellations


Based in its strong space heritage for OCXOs, Syrlinks designed a new family EWOS55xx perfectly suited for new space applications such as large & mega constellations of satellites (Telecom). EWOS55xx provides high-performances and reliability, low power and is cost-shaped for large volumes productions.


  • 5V supply,
  • 10MHz, 20 MHz
  • 0.25ppm over -40/+70°C
  • Low phase noise


Very High Stability mini-OCXO for nanosat or ground applications


COTS based, EWOS0830 offers very high frequency stability and low power consumption. It is suitable for space nanosat and ground applications.


  • 10 MHz
  • 2.10E-8 frequency stability between -30/+70°C
  • Low phase noise -150dBc/Hz at 1 kHz offset
  • 15g, 10 cm3
  • 5V supply in hermetically sealed package
  • Sine or HCMOS outputs
  • 80 mA consumption at 25°C ambient


Aeronautic and Defense Ruggedized OCXO, high temperature range, shock resistant and low g-sensitivity


EWOS 0525

  • Wide temperature range (-50/+85°C)
  • Low g sensitivity (5.10-10/g)
  • ±0.1 ppm typical frequency stability in -40°C/+85°C temperature range
  • 2E-11 short term stability (t= 1 s)
  • -150 dBc/Hz phase noise at 1 kHz from carrier
  • Small size (2 cm3) in DIL 14 hermetically sealed package
  • Very low power OCXO, 300 mW @ -40°C
  • +5V power supply


High and Very-High Stability OCXO for Industrial application


Based on a new oven technology, frequency stability of EWOS6500 and EWOS06501 have been greatly optimized, offering sub-100 and sub-30ppb frequency stability over the temperature range.


  • 10 MHz and 20 MHz, AT-cut
  • Low power OCXO: 110 mW typ.@ +25°C
  • Small size (1.5 cm3): DIL 14 hermetically sealed package
  • ±100ppb typical frequency stability in -40°C/+60°C temperature range
  • +5V power supply
  • Phase noise:-150dBc/Hz at 1 kHz from carrier


  • 20 MHz, SC-cut
  • Low power OCXO: 225 mW @ +25°C
  • -40°C / +85°C operating range
  • Small size ( 1.5 cm3 ): DIL 14 hermetically sealed package
  • ±30ppb typical frequency stability in -40/+85°C temperature range
  • Phase noise:-150dBc/Hz typ. at 1 kHz from carrier


  • Very low power OCXO: 60 mW @ +25°C
  • +5 V power supply
  • Very small size (1.5 cm 3): DIL 14 hermetically sealed package
  • Frequency stability: better than 0.2ppm typical in the temperature range -40°C/+55°C
  • Short term stability: 2E-11 (τ= 1 s)
  • Phase noise: -150dBc/Hz at 1 kHz from carrier
  • Low cost & high volume applications

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