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GNSS Signal Recorder and Playback Equipment


The G-SIRPE range of products relies on a GNSS multi-constellation platform developed by Syrlinks that enables deployment in harsh environments.
They are capable of acquisition, recording and regeneration of excellent quality raw satellite navigation RF signals.
These equipments are easy to use, adapted for many environments, with reduced dimension, standalone operating mode and at an optimised cost.

Main features of GNSS Record and Replay System :

  • GNSS multi-band radio front-end available for GPS (L1, L2, L5), GLONASS (G1, G2, G3),  Galileo (E1, E5, E6), Beidou (B1, B2, B3)
  • Synchronous  digitalisation up to 4 GNSS bands

-        Bandwidth per channel from 5 to 50 MHz ( 5 MHz step)
-        Resolution from 1 to 16 bits
-        Power level of the recorded signal from –139dBm to –50dBm including multipath and potential interferers

  • Local recording device  with optional streaming of the data on IP network (Gb Ethernet)
  • Replay of the recorded signals (up to 4 synchronous channels)

The System includes :

  • 1 x19’’ storage case containing Hard Disc Drives with easy access via hatches
  • 1 x19’’ processing unit containing digital and radio frequencies cards
  • 1 external RF combiner/splitter
  • 1  laptop with graphical user interface software for configuration and exploitation


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