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Geolocation and Distress products for ruggedized applications

Products for Geolocation & Distress

Geolocation technologies are expending in all markets, applications and systems of any kind, changing permanently everyone’s daily lives. Syrlinks provides a set of high-reliability and compact products with geolocation features and trimmed for safety, defense and space markets.

Products for Geolocation

Syrlinks’ geolocation products are ruggedized, robust and provide a high-level of compactness.

Our GPS receiver G-Sphere-S has been specifically designed and optimized to meet small satellite platforms that require important features such as compactness, light weight and very low power consumption.

Syrlinks also proposes two other products for ground applications:

  • G-SIRPE : A record and playback system for GPS, Galileo and Egnos signals.
    This unique solution is able to reproduce a specific GNSS signal that has been previously recorded on the field.
  • G-SPHERE : A multi-constellation geolocation receiver for GPS, Galileo and Egnos constellation.




Products for Distress

Syrlinks has been developing distress beacons for many years used in civil and military applications. Today, the Company expands its product portfolio with new products for distress and tracking applications.



SIMY© beacons

Launched at Marine Equipment Trade Show in Amsterdam (Nov.2015) SIMY© offers smaller, better and cheaper distress beacons for all.

Our new branding SIMY aims at accelerating the use of safety solutions not only for insiders or professional but for everybody practicing sports, leisure or outdoor activities.

MY-AIS©is the first SIMY product developed for maritime application. It is the world’ smallest AIS-MOB (Man Overboard) beacon enabling smart integration into any inflatable life-jacket or life-raft.

  • 10-years battery life, 24 hours+ operation
  • Ultra-compact design
  • Powerful white strobe LED
  • Embedded GPS chipset
  • Buzzer when activated (to prevent false alerts)
  • 10nm+ greater range
  • Designed and manufactured in France

                 MY-AIS© beacon                                                   MY-AIS© beacon
     Push to arm, and Slide to activate                  Back-side clip for blowing inflation tube


To purchase My-AIS beacon, visit our online sales site



Embedded Electronic Modules for Tracking and Distress

Syrlinks leverages its core RF and miniaturization competences in the design and manufacturing of distress and tracking modules for beacons and other embedded application requiring such functionalities.

Cospas-Sarsat Search & Rescue

Renown for having developed the smallest 406MHz and 121.5MHz dual-frequency Cospas-Sarsat beacon used in Breitling Emergency watch, Syrlinks supplies its new ready-to-go module MRB5007. It includes all RF, Digital and Power management electronics as well as a flexible Software library to access all features of the module.

MRB5007 Ready-to-Go Cospas-Sarsat module

Cospas-Sarsat is a satellite-based Search & Rescue (SAR) distress alert detection and information system. It detects and locates emergency beacons activated by aircrafts, vessels, backcountry or mountain hikers in severe distress situation. Once the distress message has been received by the Mission Coordination Centers (MCCs), the appropriate rescue squads are deployed on site.

The system is subscription-free, and saves about 2500 lives every year.

Argos 2/3 modules

Argos is a robust satellite location and tracking system based on Doppler measurement with optional GNSS receiver for better accuracy. It’s enabling extremely small form-factors, it’s light (a few grams), and very low consumption, best suited for embedded applications and tracking of small animals.

  • Satellite based location and tracking
  • USB-size Argos 2/3 module
  • Data collection (positions, sensors) collected by CLS

Reference Master Argos4 Beacons (Rx and Tx)

In partnership with CNES and CLS, Syrlinks developed Master Beacons for Argos4 system calibration usage. Currently Certified and in Production.

           Example of Master Receiver Argos3-4


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