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Extremely small form-factor Argos beacons

Argos beacons

Argos beacons and modules for wildlife and general purpose tracking applications

Argos is a robust satellite tracking system based on Doppler location with optional GNSS receiver for better accuracy. It’s enabling extremely small form-factors, it’s light (a few grams), and very low consumption, ideal for embedded applications.

  • Bird tracking Argos 2/3 beacons (less than 9.5 grams)
  • Reliable, Robust and Cheaper

Reference Master Beacons (Rx and Tx) for Argos 4 system

Syrlinks brought its expertise in RF to develop Master Beacons for Argos 4 system in partnership with CNES and CLS.

  • Certified and in Production.
  • Products of France (design & manufacturing


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