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Syrlinks Markets :

Space, Defense and Safety applications

Our overall approach is to enhance both our "highly reliable" know-how and our knowledge of wireless communication systems.

Our position in the space segment is in line with the needs of small satellites. We offer effective solutionsspace-saving with a highly optimized  reliability / cost ratio for these types of satellites.

For safety and defense activities, our approach is to enhance both our "high reliability " know-how " based on the use of COTS components and our knowledge of communication systems.


  Time/Frequency Geolocalisation/Navigation Radio Communications


Micro OCXO 
High reliable frequency synthetizer
Embedded GNSS receiver
TM/TC Transceivers Tin S band for microsatellites
Transmitters in L & X bands


OCXO (-50/+85°C)
Low g sensitivity
High reliable GNSS receiver
Sub RF modules
RF sensors
 Ruggeded terminals


OCXO for C/S beacon
Cospas-Sarsat Beacon
Argos Beacon
Ruggeded terminals



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