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TMHD in X band for small platforms : Nanosatellites, Microsatellites and Minisatellites

High Data Rate Transmitter for Telemetry

Nano HDR-Telemetry in X band for miniatures platforms: CubeSat and Nanosatellites

Syrlinks EWC27 X Band transmitter has been designed to meet a new increasing market among industries and universities in the field of CubeSat and Nanosatellites, especially for Low Earth Orbit (LEO) around 500/800 km above earth.

Due to the small size of these satellites, one of the main challenges is low consuming equipment, especially for radios communication links.

In order to solve this constraint, Syrlinks (with CNES support) has developed a high performance, high data rate, high efficiency power amplifier, and small size transmitter in X-band (8GHz) for downloading telemetry from NanoSat and CubeSat platforms.

The use of an X band transmitter significantly increases the downlink capacity of the payload telemetry subsystem. With a bit rate commutation operated in time splitting or versus predicted Eb/N0 during a pass, up to 13.3 GB per pass can be downloaded on a 5 m station or 5,8 GB per pass on a 3,4 m station.

EWC 27 Emetteur haut débit pour nanosatellites

EWC 27 HDR-Telemetry in X band for nanosatellites


HDR-Telemetry in X band for microsatellites

EWC28 transmitter is fitted to LEO microsatellites. EWC28 is using COTS components and based on a specific qualification process. EWC28 complies with CCSDS recommendations to ensure interoperability with the OBC of satellite receivers and existing ground stations.
The power supply architecture is designed to protect the transmitter against latch-up phenomenon against heavy ions.

  • TRL9 since 2013 on PROBA-V mission (ESA & QinetiQ Space) – 3 Flight Model units
  • Several missions & customer names (information available upon request).


EWC28 HDR-Telemetry in X band for microsatellites based on COTS


HDR-Telemetry in X band for microsatellites - ESA ECSS-Q-ST-60-C CLASS 3

EWC30 is the second generation of Syrlinks X Band transmitter to answer to an increasing demand of high data rate transmission and extended missions in orbit up to 7.5 years in LEO (Low Earth Orbit). EWC30 CLASS 3 is a reliable, high performance & low power consumption X Band (8GHz) transmitter, which was developed by Syrlinks for downloading telemetry on small platforms.

EWC30 is fully compliant to ECSS-Q-ST-60C CLASS 3 standard, and is based on space qualified components.

Syrlinks CLASS 3 product line (EWC29 and EWC30) have already been awarded for spacecraft platforms (such as MYRIADE EVOLUTIONS, from CNES / Airbus Defense & Space / Thales Alenia Space), and other missions.

EWC 30 HDR-Telemetry in X band for microsatellites - CLASS 3


HDR-Telemetry in X band for microsatellites - ESA ECSS-Q-ST-60-C CLASS 2

EWC30-II is an enhanced version of EWC30 X Band High Data Rate Transmitter, and is designed for mini-satellites targeting extended life time in orbit up to 10 years in LEO.

EWC30-II is compliant to ECSS-Q-ST-60C ESA CLASS 2

EWC 30-II HDR-Telemetry in X band for minisatellites - CLASS 2


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