Stakeholder within the French REFIMEVE+ time reference network

The REFIMEVE+ (Fiber Metrological Network to European Vocation) project aims to deliver an ultra-precise optical fiber time frequency to European laboratories.

By collaborating with innovative French SMEs which Syrlinks is a part of, the REFIMEVE+ project will spread on a European scale. The SMEs have developed and industrialized equipment to deliver a metrological frequency signal generated from the Paris Observatory. This network will distribute the time frequency to about 20 agencies and laboratories involved in the field of Time-Frequency.

Syrlinks intervenes in signal regeneration stations. Syrlinks’ equipment makes it possible to faithfully reproduce the signal emitted from the Paris Observatory without the noise level and interferences encountered during a long distance (a few hundred kilometers). Syrlinks has integrated five electronical functions in one card: power supply, local frequency reference, optical signal tracking and link locking.

The REFIMEVE+ technology exceeds the capabilities offered by the GPS service in the radiofrequency (RF) domain and makes it possible to envisage new applications in various domains: time-frequency metrology fundamental physics on Earth and in Space, and the geodesy.