PerùSAT-1 satellite mission

PerúSAT-1 is the first Peruvian satellite for Earth-observation. It was provided by Aibus Defence and Space for the Peruvian space agency CONIDA.

PerùSat-1 is the first Peruvian Earth observation satellite. It was supplied by Airbus Defence & Space for the Peruvian space agency CONIDA. Its launch made it possible to strengthen the fight against deforestation and improve the management of natural disasters.

Resulting from an agreement between France and Peru, PerùSat-1 was designed and built in less than 24 months. This satellite was launched from Kourou on September 16, 2016 by an Arianespace Vega rocket. PerùSat-1 transmits very precise images; it is indeed able to photograph elements located at only 70 cm from the earth.

Two X-band transmitters, compliant with ESA Class 3 ECSS-Q-ST-60C quality standards, were delivered by Syrlinks to Airbus D&S in December 2015. Theses transmitters are used to transfer photographs taken by the satellite to ground-based stations.