Syrlinks allows OneWeb to control its satellites

The American OneWeb successfully took control of its first 6 satellites launched on February 27, 2019, thanks to the equipment designed by Syrlinks. This victory sets Syrlinks as world leader in space radiocommunications.

To meet this exceptional order, Syrlinks had to design dedicated high-performance products and create a brand-new process to produce this equipment in an industrialized way.

The company has created a production unit equipped with very specific equipment, including a white room.

Highly qualified staff was hired for this occasion and more than 1,000 m² of premises were built to accommodate the new means of production.

Today, many manufacturers in the United States, Europe, Asia or in Brazil have plans for constellations of micro or nano-satellites. The company is now well equipped to meet the challenges of the NewSpace universe.

« Thanks to this partnership, our company has taken o, a new dimension and meets the new space industrial challenges.  Today, Syrlinks team faces the challenge of mass-producing complex, ultra-reliable space equipment at a controlled cost. » declares Guy Richard, President of Syrlinks.

« For the constellations economical model to remain viable, we had to reduce the development and production costs.  All while maintaining a level of quality and reliability identical to the former generations of satellites. We had to rethink the development and production methods commonly used in the space industry, taking as a model what is being done in the automotive world. It was also necessary to rethink equipment qualification methods and test methods. »  explains Bertrand Ekoué, project manager at Syrlinks.