Radio navigation equipment

Syrlinks offers a range of positioning products based on compact and highly reliable GNSS receivers for the Security, Defense and Space markets. These products embed the G-SPHERETM technology developed by Syrlinks, to address radionavigation requirements for harsh environments such as jamming, high dynamics or radiation. G-SPHERETM is based on a software radio architecture offering reconfiguration capabilities of the GNSS receiver depending on intended application and usage context.

The G-SPHERETM  technology integrates antijamming algorithms in its Defense version (G-SPHERE-HV) and it space version (G-SPHERE-S), and software protections against SEU (Single Event Upset) in a space environment.

Syrlinks has developed an autonomous bi-frequency (L1/L2) GNSS receiver integrating a real-time sub-metric relative positioning function. The receiver integrates a communication function and an inertial unit as well as a mass memory to save raw measurements during flight tests and allow analyzes in post-processing on the ground.



  • Dual-frequency reception (L1/L2 or L1/L5)
  • Simultaneous processing of GPS (L1/L5), GALILEO (E1/E5) and SBAS signals
  • Anti-jamming and spoofer detection functions
  • Distinctive positioning
  • Integrity function (A-RAIM)


  • High availability and high velocity positioning and navigation (IMU hybridization)
  • Flight in formation for drones, LEO satellites
  • Secure time server via coupling with the OCXO and the Syrlinks micro atomic clock
  • Frequency reference