Security in sensitive sites: a market with multiple stakes

Syrlinks is developing solutions to address protection needs for sensitive infrastructures in the maritime and land-based domains. These new pieces of equipment offer a myriad of possibilities adapted to detection and localization expectations.

Security and protection for sensitive infrastructures & sites

Control and secure sensitive sites

Faced with changing risks and the emergence of new threats, the development of innovative products and solutions has become essential to guarantee the protection of sensitive infrastructures.

The surveillance and detection of potential threats requires the establishment of systems consisting of radio, thermal and video means. Radiofrequency equipment can detect and locate a “non-visible” threat. They complement video devices that cover the entire visible spectrum.

Syrlinks equipment and solutions, that are compact, robust and reliable, can be used in a variety of environments such as sensitive military bases and sites, airports, ports, prisons, stadiums, industrial sites (refineries, oil platforms, ore extraction sites, nuclear power stations, production sites) or at general-public events (Olympic Games, rallies, etc.).