GNSS signal recording and replay device

The G-SIRPE product is part of Syrlinks' range of high-reliability RF signal recording and replay products. G-SIRPE makes it possible to digitize via 4 independent and synchronous channels up to 200 MHz of instantaneous signal bands in the range from 1 GHz to 2 GHz covering all GNSS radionavigation signals. G-SIRPE is a high-end solution offering not only a quality of digitization during the signal’s recording phase thanks to its powerful RF stage and its 16-bit digitizer, but also during replay thanks to the perfect reconstitution of the RF signal shape. The synchronization function of the 4 scanning and independent replay channels makes it possible to carry out all the desired configurations.

G-SIRPE is the ideal product for GNSS receiver users who want to fine-tune radio environments (interference, interference, multi-path), but also for demanding GNSS receiver designers who want to develop new algorithmic solutions from real signals. G-SIRPE has an intuitive interface to independently configure the different scanning channels by setting the center frequency, the bandwidth to be scanned and digitizer resolution.

The interface also enables you to manage a calendar, to program recordings locally and remotely until 10 am, as well as file management for playback.



  • Acquisition
  • Recording
  • Regeneration

Key Features

  • Multi-band GNSS emission and reception radio channel (L1, L2, L5)
  • Synchronous scanning of 4 GNSS bands:
    • Bandwidth from 5 to 50 MHz
    • Resolution from 2 to 16 bits
    • Signal recorded from -139dBm to -50dBm including multiple paths and potential interferences
  • Local and remote recording device
  • Recorded signal reader (4 synchronous channels)
  • ITAR Free