EWOS0835, the revolutionary precision oscillator for long-term underwater missions

Most of the underwater application (UAV, OBN) require an ultra-precise clock with the lowest possible long-term aging as well as an excellent frequency stability under condition of severe consumption constraints. EWOS0835 offers the best compromise in the world both on its energy consumption (60mW) et its high frequency stability depending on the temperature (± 10 ppb)

EWOS0835, a ± 10ppb OCXO with an power consumption below 80mW, ideal for long-term underwater applications such as the underwater seismic recorders or autonomous drones.

EWOS0835 has been specifically designed to meet the requirements of underwater applications such as underwater autonomous vehicles (UAV) and the ocean bottom nodes (OBN). The frequency of 10MHz can be slightly adjusted with a command Vc of ± 0,5 ppm. The EWOS0835 is the perfect local oscillator that will keep the stability of your clock in time for months of underwater operations. Accurate clocks are at the heart of underwater precision systems and require the lowest frequency drift that results from a long-term aging but also from the thermal sensitivity of the oscillator.

Low Aging

EWOS0835 is a high precision OCXO using an ultra-stable SC crystal resonator. It is derived for the EWOS0830 family originally developed for satellite applications requiring very high frequency stability and a very low energy consumption.

Ultra-low power consumption

EWOS0835 is designed around a Syrlinks ASIC EWOS core which provides its performances in terms of low power consumption. The industrial maturity of the EWOS products makes them very competitive compared to the performance achieved by the other conventional oven oscillators on the market.


  • Very low power OCXO: 60 mW @ + 25 ° C
  • 8.192 MHz, 10 MHz, 16.384 MHz frequency
  • +3.3 V or 5.0V power supply
  • 20x30mm hermetic metal case
  • Frequency stability: ± 10 ppb in the -10°C / +50°C temperature range
  • Aging at 30 days: 3.10-10
  • Short term stability: 4E-12 (t = 1 s)
  • Phase noise: -155dBc / Hz at 10 kHz of the carrier