EWOS5500 & EWOS0830 high precision OCXO for NEWSPACE and mega-constellations

EWOS5500 and EWOS0830 are used in cubesat, nanosat or mega constellations. They provide the highest performance and reliability mandatory for LEO space programs but also the cost-effectiveness that is mandatory for large production volumes.

EWOS™ Cost Effective Space OCXO series

  • EWOS5500 is a low profile (2cm3) Space OCXO operating at 20 MHz with a ±250 ppb temperature sensitivity accross [-40 / +75°C]. It consumes less than 165 mW at 25°C. This high-precision and low profile oscillator can be used for space embedded applications such as GNSS or Radios functions.


  • EWOS0830 is a ultra-high precision OCXO operating at 10 MHz and build around a very high-performance SC-cut Crystal resonator. EWOS0830 comes with a voltage control pin for frequency tuning. It is available with ± 20 ppb and ±5ppb frequency stability accross the temperature range and it drives less than 400 mW steady power at 25°C, which is about 10 times lower that other manufacturers for such frequency stability. EWOS0830 family is perfectly suited for very high precision functions , such as ranging or high velocity GNSS functions.