Syrlinks in the press

  • le-journal-des-entreprises_Logo-Journal-des-Entreprise

    Successful launch into orbit for 34 new satellites equipped by Syrlinks

    Source : Le Journal Des Entreprises - Published on 02 April 2020

    Syrlinks has just passed an important milestone in terms of organisation and structuring (100 employees, €12 million turnover), which should enable it to "respond to new opportunities in France and abroad".
  • La-lettre-api_logo-api

    Syrlinks shows its ambitions on the space IoT market

    Source : Maureen Le Mao - La lettre API - Published on 31 March 2020

    The SME has also adapted its processes to move towards a mass production model. A relatively automated organisation has been set up to produce the subsets of these small satellites.
  • spacenews_sapce_news_spacenews-feed

    Syrlinks keeps pace with OneWeb Satellites

    Source : Space Newsfeed - Published on 27 March 2020

    Syrlinks is supplying two key products: TT&C transceivers which allows satellites to be controlled from ground stations and Low Noise Amplifier (LNA) at the input of the GPS receiver.
  • syrlinks_keeps_pace_with_oneweb_Oneweb-Syrlinks-launch-3-cp

    Syrlinks keeps pace with Oneweb Satellites

    Source : Communiqué de presse | Press release - Published on 23 March 2020

    OneWeb performed this Saturday, March 20, the third launch of 34 satellites for its mega-constellation [...] Syrlinks is supplying two key products...

  • COVID-19_covid-19

    COVID-19 | Syrlinks

    Source : Guy Richard - Communiqué de presse | Press release - Published on 18 March 2020

    Syrlinks is giving news to customers and partners in this press release during the context of the outbreak COVID-19.
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    New Space : Kineis séduit des industriels, des banquiers, le CNES et lève 100 millions d'euros

    Source : Michel Cabirol - La Tribune - Published on 03 February 2020

    Après une phase d'ingénierie en 2020, la production des nanosatellites devrait débuter en 2021 dans les salles blanches d'Hemeria, responsable des plateformes et de l'intégration satellite, tandis que les stations au sol seront réalisées à Toulouse par Thales Alenia Space, l'architecte du système et responsable du développement des charges utiles avec la société Syrlinks, des stations sols et du centre de mission, explique à La Tribune Alexandre Tisserant.
  • logo-usine-nouvelle_usine-nouvelle

    Kinéis lève 100 millions d’euros pour créer la première constellation française de nanosatellites

    Source : Reuters - L'usine nouvelle - Published on 03 February 2020

    Première constellation française et européenne dans le "New Space", Kinéis sera développée à Toulouse par Thales Alenia Space. L'entreprise franco-italienne sera aussi responsable des stations sols, du centre de mission et du développement des charges utiles avec la société française Syrlinks.
  • satellite-illustration_satellite-illustration-argos-neo-payload-press-release

    Successful activation of the Argos Neo payload of the ANGELS satellite

    Source : Syrlinks - Communiqué de presse/Press Release - Published on 23 January 2020

    The Argos Neo payload, key part of the demonstration ANGELS satellite, has been successfully switched on by CNES. Syrlinks, designer and manufacturer of the Argos Neo payload, in partnership with Thales Alenia Space, is proud of this achievement. This payload is the first one developed by the company.

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    Rennes has been home to the Cyber Pole of Excellence since the end of 2014, and around it an active ecosystem

    Source : Destination Rennes - Business Services - Published on 06 January 2020

    Syrlinks, conquering the stars... The Syrlinks company, which has grown in 6 years from 24 to a hundred employees, is a witness to the booming cyber security sector in Rennes. Its activity is specialized in the space field and in radio-navigation for the defence sector.

  • logo_invest_in_bretagne_2020-04-03_16_33_31-Syrlinks_releve_les_defis_du_NewSpace_-_Invest_in_Bretagne_invest_in_bretagne

    Syrlinks takes up the NewSpace challenges

    Source : Invest in Bretagne - Published on 06 January 2020

    Syrlinks is now well equipped to meet the challenges of NewSpace. The company will also use its new laboratory instruments and production tools to supply Thales Alenia Space with on-board instruments in future nano-satellites in the Kinéis constellation.
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    French component suppliers demo constellation hardware with ANGELS cubesat

    Source : Caleb Henry - SPACENEWS - Published on 23 December 2019

    CNES said it contributed technology and five staff to the production of ANGELS. Radiofrequency specialist Syrlinks and and satellite manufacturer Thales Alenia Space built the Internet of Things communications payload with help from CNES.
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    Suppliers of French components demo constellation equipment with ANGELS cubesat

    Source : Breaking News - Breaking News - Published on 23 December 2019

    Radio frequency specialist Syrlinks and satellite manufacturer Thales Alenia Space built the Internet of Things communications payload with the help of CNES.
  • Lancement_ANGELS_EyeSat_et_OPS-SAT_angels

    Syrlinks, RF manufacturer of ANGELS & EyeSat

    Source : Communiqué de presse/Press Release - Published on 20 December 2019

    Syrlinks supplied the onboard TT&C Transceivers and High Data rate Transmitters for ANGELS and EyeSat, allowing the control of these satellites and the download of mission data towards the ground stations. The ANGELS satellite also integrates the Argos NEO payload
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    Successful launch for Angels, France's first industrial nano-satellite

    Source : Xavier Boivinet - Industrie et Technologies - Published on 18 December 2019

    Equipped with an Argos Neo payload, the Angels nano-satellite was successfully launched into orbit on December 18. Alongside four other satellites, the small platform of about 20 kilos for about 30 centimetres left with its Argos Neo payload from the Guyana Space Centre aboard a Soyuz launcher.
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    Soyouz VS23 launch: a quadruple success for Thales Alenia Space

    Source : Space NewsFeed - Published on 18 December 2019

    ANGELS (Argos Neo on a Generic Economical and Light Satellite), is a mission by French space agency CNES, which assigned the satellite construction to Hemeria. On board, Argos NEO, a miniaturized data collection instrument, developed by Thales Alenia Space as prime in conjunction with Syrlinks, a manufacturer of radio-communications and geo-location equipment, as lead subcontractor.