Syrlinks in the press

  • Syrlinks__des_montres_de_luxe_aux_satellites_des-montres-de-luxe-aux-satellites-syrlinks-decolle

    Syrlinks in Bruz: from luxury watches to satellites

    Source : Ouest France - Published on 11 December 2013

    Syrlinks is a rising company. Its specialities: electronic components enabling satellites to communicate and chips to transform luxury watches into planetary distress beacons...
  • proba-v-debuts-new-semiconductor-technology-for-space_Proba-V_debuts_new_semiconductor_technology_for_space___Proba_Missions___Space_E

    Proba-V launches new semiconductor technology for space

    Source : ESA - Published on 03 May 2013

    Realising their potential, ESA assembled a consortium of European companies and research institutions to develop a space-quality gallium nitride supply chain, called the GaN Reliabliity Enhancement and Technology Transfer Initiative.

  • office-syrlinks_office-syrlinks_syrlinks-office-view

    Syrlinks, a new player in space and defence electronics

    Source : Didier Girault - Rp defense - Published on 10 June 2011

    Among its assets are a very wide range of skills (microwaves, signal processing, embedded software, mechanics, etc.) and a leading know-how in RF product design (oscillators, high-performance amplifiers, filters, etc.).