Distress Beacons (SAR)

Syrlinks designs personal distress and locator beacons (AIS-MOB, PLB406) that can be used both at sea and on land. They use different technologies such as AIS or Cospas-Sarsat. With its know-how in advanced miniaturization and optimization of emergency beacons, the company has developed the world's smallest satellite distress beacon integrated in a luxury watch for the Breitling company. Syrlinks has also designed the world's smallest AIS-MOB beacon for boaters under its consumer brand SIMY (My-AIS). Syrlinks propose a new PLB with innovative functions and always being compact. Discover our emergency beacons here under:



Products SAR Emergency Beacons


PLB beacon

My-CSA is an emergency beacon offering worldwide satellite coverage thanks to the Cospas-Sarsat system.

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Marine Emergency Beacon : AIS + DSC

My-MOB© is a new generation of "Man Overboard" beacon. It uses AIS and DSC technologies to signal your distress at sea.

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marine emergency beacon

My-AIS is the world's smallest marine emergency beacon. Lightweight and robust, it fits easily into any type of lifejacket. Made in...

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