Syrlinks products lines for cube & nano satellites

Syrlinks range of products have been designed, with CNES support, to reply to the ever-increasing demands of industries and universities working in the field of Cube and Nano Satellites. Syrlinks has applied its space know-how (use of COTS and associated qualifications) for micro satellite products to nano satellite platforms. This approach aims to answer to low orbit missions of up to 5 years. Today, Syrlinks is expanding its product range by offering precise GNSS receivers (POD) and different types of payloads (spectrum monitoring, data collection, LEO PNT (Position / Navigation / Time)).

Discover our devices fitted to cube & nano satellites: high data rate transmitters (X Band); Transceivers (X/S Band); transponders (S/S Band); Receivers (S Band); payloads and antennas..


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X Band Antenna

Syrlinks X Band Patch Antenna for Nano-Satellites, named SPAN-X-T3, makes full advantages of High Data Rate transmission permitted...

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S Band Antenna

Syrlinks S Band Patch Antenna for Nano-Satellites, named SPAN-S-T3, makes advantages of Full-duplex CCSDS Telemetry, Tracking and Command...

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