Syrlinks products lines for cube & nano satellites

Syrlinks range of product have been designed, with CNES support, to an increasing market among industries and universities in the field of Cube and Nano Satellites, especially for Low Earth Orbit (LEO), around 500/800km. Syrlinks «nano» radios are designed for 2 years lifetime LEO missions. The reliability concept comes from Syrlinks team experience, since ROSETTA mission, in design and manufacturing of radios for micro and mini satellites. A specific product quality approach has been improved since MYRIADE platform and ROSETTA mission with CNES.

Discover our devices adapted to cube & nano satellites: transmitters (X Band) ; Transceivers (X/S Band) ; transponders (S/S Band) ; Receivers (S Band); Payloads and antennas..


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GNSS Precision Orbit Determination Receiver

N-Sphere is a multi-constellation (GPS, GALILEO) & multi-frequency GNSS Precise Orbit Determination Receiver mainly for LEO applications...

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