All-in-One Cospas-Sarsat Embedded Module

MRB-5007-1G is a ready-to-go Radio Module containing VHF & UHF transmitter (Homing signal 121.5MHz & Cospas-Sarsat signal 406.031 MHz), ideally suited for COSPAS-SARSAT first generation distress beacons on single antenna. An embedded GNSS receiver allows encryption of the position in the C/S message.

Based on further expected releases of its embedded GNSS receiver, and further firmware upgrades, the MRB5007 will offer the possibility to have the Cospas-Sarsat Return Link Service (RLS) when full SAR Galileo operational capabilities will be available.



  • Very compact embedded module (33x54x8 mm)
  • Homing transmitter @ 121.5MHz with programmable output power up to +20dBm
  • Class 1 C/S transmitter @ 406.031MHz with programmable output power up to +36dBm
  • GNSS receiver with its RF connector to plug external GNSS antenna
  • Microcontroller to drive components and to communicate with external application
  • Self-test capability
  • Board-to-Board connectors for quick & easy integration at the manufacturing process