Argos Beacon for Bird Satellite Tracking

MRBA-25G is an Argos PTT beacon for tracking birds over 800g. It uses solar panels and miniature electronic components for long-term monitoring. To avoid a change in behavior of the animal on which it is placed, the beacon has been designed to not exceed 3% of the total animal weight. MRBA-25G is also distinguished by a very small footprint, advanced technical performances and a reduced price to draw more animals with the same budget.

For a faultless accuracy of positioning, Syrlinks has embedded a GNSS receiver (GPS / Galileo) in the beacon. The position of the animal will be permanently known with positioning accuracy below 10m. Finally, a number of sensors have been fitted to meet the needs of scientists depending on the species tracked: accelerometer, temperature, pressure, brightness ...

MRBA-25G is a very complete Argos PTT beacon and offers great opportunities for scientific monitoring of animals both for one-off follow-ups and for large tagging campaigns.



  • ARGOS Platform Transmitter Terminal (Argos PTT)
  • Rechargeable battery (444 mWh)
  • Solar panel
  • Ultra low power 32 bits microcontroller with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
  • Embedded battery charger
  • Temperature sensor
  • Accelerometer (for saving energy when no movement detected)
  • Ultra low power GNSS receiver for precise positioning
  • Immersion sensor:

    o Stopping underwater emissions: energy saving
    o Counter of the number of dives



  • Dimensions: W 71 x W 27 x H 13 (mm)
  • Mass: ~ 25g
  • Temperature range: -20 ° C to + 55 ° C
  • Output RF power: 4 levels available : 60, 190, 250, 500 mW
  • ARGOS transmission frequency: 401.650 MHz
  • Modulation: BPSK: ± 1.1 Rad
  • Spurious emissions <-50 dBc
  • Adjustable emission cycle ratio: 180s could be tuned before delivery (between 60s to 300s)
  • Power Supply Voltage: 3.0 to 4.2V (Lithium Rechargeable Battery)
  • 4 attachment points for attachment to the bird
  • Waterproofness up to 10 meters (target & will be confirmed after final certification)
  • Estimated lifetime : above 2 years depending environmental conditions