marine emergency beacon

My-AIS© is a new generation of "Man overboard" emergency beacon and its is the result of leading technological research in the field of maritime safety. Featuring compact, high-efficiency electronics and a new long-range helical antenna, the My-AIS© beacon transmits your GPS position and distress signal all around you. This beacon is used to alert ships equipped with chart-plotter AIS receivers located nearby. Coastal search and rescue stations receiving the signal will also be alerted and will know your distress situation and position for organising rescue at sea.

Designed and manufactured 100% in France, My-AIS© beacon has been designed to be the smallest and most efficient in the world. It integrates very easily into the most compact lifejackets and does not hinder the movements of the person on board. Its use is simplified, intuitive and its design is robust. My-AIS is for sale on our website: simy-beacons