X/S Transceiver

EWC27+OPT27-SRX answers to this new game-changing on small satellites, permitting simultaneously:

  • Telemetry & Telecommand (TT&C) in a single miniature unit
  • X Band (8GHz) fast telemetry up to 100 Mbps (option)
  • Robust telecommand by an S band uplink (2025-2110MHz).

A smart concept implemented to control the supplies of the power amplifier in order to obtain the best efficiency for each RF power level. The power consumption is always optimized. The architecture of the power supplies is designed to protect the transmitter against latch-up effects from heavy ions in space.
Syrlinks «nano» radios are designed for 2 years lifetime LEO missions. The reliability concept comes from Syrlinks team experience, since ROSETTA mission, in design and manufacturing of radios for micro and mini satellites. A specific product quality approach has been improved since MYRIADE platform and ROSETTA mission with CNES.
EWC27 design and manufacturing are mainly based on qualified COTS components, stressing tests on QM units. Architecture inherits from EWC28 X Band transmitter, already in-flight proven on different missions, especially PROBA-V (ESA/QinetiQ Space nv).
EWC27 XBT can be adapted for Deep Space, especially in terms of frequency band, bitrate, ...




  • CCSDS TT&C, X band downlink, and S band uplink
  • 2 years lifetime LEO missions
  • Observation & Scientific payloads, Telecom



  • High DataRate Telemetry up to 100 Mbps
  • Qualified COTS in a miniature design
  • Cubesat form factor / PC 104
  • Link budget optimisation, by in-flight configuration
  • ITAR Free



  • Smart protections against SEL
  • Radiation hardened & tested
  • Functional, Mechanical, Thermal Tests



  • Based on EXC27 XBT, inflight proven (2015)

- > 100 units delivered and launch
- GOMX-3, ESA-Gomspace (2015)
- EYE-SAT, CNES (2017)
- OPS-SAT, ESA (2018)
- Others (EU & USA, CANADE, ASIA, upon request) (2017, ...)

  • Based on EWC28 XBT series, inflight proven (2013)



  • CCSDS, Spaceflight Industries, KSAT, NEN*, Atlas, RBC Signals, ...
  • Safran Cortex, Kratos / RT Logic, ...