1600 RF products supplied to Airbus OneWeb Satellites

Syrlinks is proud to have reached the milestone of 1600 products delivered to Airbus OneWeb Satellites for the OneWeb constellation, which aims to provide broadband Internet access for all.

Mass production & industrial model for space equipment

“This milestone is a great recognition for our teams who work every day on the production and delivery of our RF products, in large quantities and within the deadlines imposed by such a project. To achieve our goals, we have made technical choices and significant investments in state-of-the-art equipment. This large-scale project has changed the company and allowed us to structure ourselves. We have made progress both industrially and in terms of processes.” says Gwénaël Guillois, General Manager at Syrlinks

“This milestone of 1,600 equipment manufactured and delivered to Airbus OneWeb Satellites is the result of a fruitful collaboration between Airbus OneWeb Satellites and their suppliers. This new manufacturing rate required flexibility at all levels of production, and everybody was able to act in response successfully. We are only halfway through, but we can’t wait to see this ambitious project become 100% operational,” adds Johan Lepissier, project manager at Syrlinks.

Newspace: the multiplication of satellite constellations

With the opening of the space market to private players, the number of nanosatellite constellations has augmented considerably in recent years. Manufacturing costs as well as lead times have been greatly reduced, requiring the sector to adapt. Syrlinks, now has the means of volume production allowing it to respond to new opportunities in Europe and around the world. The company is continuing to grow and applies this new series production model to other radiofrequency products of its range.