S/S-Band Transceiver - CCSDS

The EWC15-NG comes as a new generation of Syrlinks’ transceivers to implement high performance Telemetry, Tracking and Control (TT&C) service.

Its hardware design is based and inherits from the renown EWC15 & EWC15-C Syrlinks products, that have been used over the last decade in key space missions such as ROSETTA, DEEP IMPACT, PARASOL, MICROSCOPE, etc.

The EWC15 has initially addressed the needs for Inter-Satellite-Link (ISL) enabling the implementation of compact, high reliable and cost-effective RF communication bi-directional links. Since, the EWC15 has been used as TT&C for Low Earth Orbit (LEO) small satellite missions. This solution has been elected by CNES/Airbus D&S/Thales as the baseline TT&C for the renown MYRIADE platform. The reliability of EWC15 series has been highly proved with more than 50 Flight Model units delivered, representing more than 300 years of on-orbit time.

The EWC15-NG has been especially designed to achieve top class of performances in terms of Tx/Rx communication links (fully CCSDS compliant), power consumption and radiation tolerance. A smart communication protocol has been introduced in order to achieve a fast signal acquisition: on-board & ground station sweep / lock on CW.

Thanks to a very compact and optimized form factor which includes a built-in DC-DC converter, the EWC15-NG addresses natively any implementation within Mini or Micro satellites contributing to the global satellite integration optimization. The EWC15-NG design belongs to the  Syrlinks “New Space II” product category. This Product Assurance subclass perfectly meets the requirements of Microsatellite missions, targeting a typical 5/7-year lifetime at Low Earth Orbit with a maximum Total Ionized radiation Dose of 16 krad.

Components are chosen in ESCC, MIL, DSCC or AEC-Q grade. COTS* components are also used with specific reliability tests performed if necessary (life test, thermal cycling, destructive part analysis, …) and in order to achieve the best trade-off between cost and hardness.




  • Telemetry, Tracking & Control (TT&C)
  • Micro/Mini Satellite control
  • Launcher control
  • Inter Satellites communication (ISL)
  • Deep Space mission


  • High performances
  • CCSDS compliant
  • Low Consumption
  • ITAR Free


  • High reliable New Space design
  • Radiation tested & hardened
  • 7 year life-time LEO missions
  • Based on renown and proven EWC15 & EWC15-C
  • CCSDS, Spaceflight Industries, KSAT, NEN, SSC, Atlas, RBC Signals, ...
  • Zodiac Data Systems, Kratos / RT Logic, ...