X-Band High-Data-Rate Transmitter

XONOS comes as the latest generation of Syrlinks High-Data-Rate Transmitter dedicated to mini/micro-satellites. It especially meets the expressed demand from satellite operator to implement high data rate transmission between satellite and ground segment, enabling much more data volume downlink.

XONOS is a latest state-of-the-art qualified COTS based design. Such design is perfectly adapted to New-Space programs, where cost effectiveness, performances and reliability are success key factors.

XONOS implement advanced CCSDS encoding techniques and modulation schemes (8PSK-4D-TCM, DVB-S2, …) to achieve useful data rates greater than 1 Gbps in X-Band 375 MHz bandwidth signal.

One key feature is the capability to change and adapt the transmission parameters dynamically and in-flight. The transmitter embeds a DC/DC converter with galvanic isolation as required for Mini/Micro satellite integration. It also authorizes data and control interface redundancy implementation to maximize the in-flight service availability.

And last but not least, XONOS design inherits from Syrlinks skills and flight heritage experience acquired for more than 20 years in the domain of RF Communication design for Space



  •  Mini/Micro satellites
  •  7 year lifetime LEO missions
  •  High Data Rate Telemetry, CCSDS
  •  Observation & Scientific payloads

Benefits & Key features

  • Multiple signal waveforms (4D TCM, DVB-S2)
  • 1 Gbps + Input data interface
  • Interface redundancy
  • Optional S-band receiver
  • ITAR Free

Quality & Reliability

  •  NewSpace
  •  Radiation & hardened
  •  Functional, Mechanical, Thermal & EMC tests
  •  Smart protections against SEL / SEU


  • CCSDS, RBC Signals , Spaceflight Industries, KSAT, SSC, LEAF line, ...
  • Safran Data Systems, Kratos / RT Logic, ...