GNSS Precision Orbit Determination Receiver

N-Sphere is a multi-constellation (GPS, GALILEO) & multi-frequency GNSS Precise Orbit Determination Receiver mainly for LEO applications able to provide an excellent on-board real-time navigation solution accuracy of below one meter. N-SPHERE has been developed with CNES support.
Syrlinks designs and manufactures GNSS receivers suitable for space environments. Syrlinks location devices are robust, low power consumption and compact.
The main features of the GNSS software receiver are further in this document. The receiver is designed for LEO missions, and also for micro and mino platforms.

The structure of this GNSS receiver is organized around a reconfigurable architecture. The GNSS function is split in two main parts according to the real time requirements of the processing and navigation operations. N-SPHERE receiver is compatible of GPS and Galileo signals and supports L1/E1 and L5/E5 frequency bands. In option, N-SPHERE can operate in E6 frequency band. Navigator orbital is also available as an option.The firmware can be uploading during the flight/mission. N-SPHERE GNSS receiver is ITAR free and based on COTS components.



  •     Nano, Mino, Micro Satellites
  •     Positioning, Navigation, Tracking
  •     2 -5 years lifetime LEO missions
  •     Observation & Scientific payloads


  •     GPS & Galileo
  •     Dual-Constellation
  •     Dual-Frequency L1/L5/E1/E5 (E6 in option)
  •     Orbital Navigator on board (in option)
  •     In flight uploading firmware
  •     SDR Platform
  •     Qualified COTS Design


  •     Radiation tested & hardened
  •     Functional, Mechanical, Thermal tests
  •     Smart protection againts SEL / SEU


  •  Microscope, 2016: N-SPHERE is an evolution of microsat equipement, flight proven on MICROSCOPE mission
  •  On going mission in 2021 : N-SPHERE-BOL-3B