Payload for spectrum monitoring

SPEKTREYE is an RF Spectrum Monitoring payload oriented for Cube/Nano satellites. It has been designed by Syrlinks to meet the upcoming demand for RF sensing and Surveillance. Low Earth Orbit (LEO) missions around 500/700 km are especially appropriate.

Main features of SPEKTREYE payload are:
•    Spectrum monitoring in wideband and/or narrowband mode
•    Built-In mass memory for mission data storage
•    Optional X-band Transmitter for mission data downlink

The unit integrates a System-On-Chip processor and performs as a software defined radio. A wide range of digital signal processing features are offered such as Channelizers and Periodogram. A built-in mass memory allows for data storage, either raw I/Q or post-processed data. RSSI-based operations are possible for optimizing the use of storage capacity.
The optional downlink operates in the 8 025–8 400 MHz frequency range. RF output power is typically 2W. Different modulations and coding are addressable according to CCSDS standards.
Power supply can vary in the 6 to 18 V range. Total power consumption for a 2 W RF output power is around 15 WTYP. Some “electronic fuses” are implemented on board in order to switch-off some power lines in case of latch-up or over current consumption due to space radiation. Operating temperature range is -25°C to +45°C. Different interface formats are available, from LVDS for data and clock to UART or I²C for Command and Control signals.




  •   3/6/12/27U NanoSatellites, or up to 100 Kg SC
  •   3-5 years lifetime LEO missions
  •   Wideband spectrum monitoring
  •   I/Q processing and recording


  •     SDR - Software Defined Radio
  •     Fitted for Nano & Micro Satellites
  •     Modular design: Rx, Tx & Rx, or Tx & 2Rx
  •     Low power consumption
  •     Optional X-band Tx for only 20 mm more
  •     ITAR Free


  •     TRL 8 - Q4 2020
  •     Radiation tested & hardened
  •     Functional, Mechanical, Thermal & EMC tests
  •     Smart protections against SEL


  •     CCSDS, Spaceflight Industries, KSAT, NEN*, Atlas, RBC Signals...
  •     Zodiac Data Systems, Kratos / RT Logic, ...