Syrlinks, RF and payload manufacturer for ANGELS, EyeSat and OPS-SAT nanosatellites

Syrlinks provided the telemetry and on-board remote control equipment for these satellites, enabling data to be repatriated to ground stations and the satellite parameters to be modified. The ANGELS satellite also includes the Argos NEO payload.

Successful launch and orbit for the ANGELS, EyeSAt and OPS-SAT satellites

The Soyuz VS23 launcher took off this morning from Kourou with the EyeSat, OPS-SAT and ANGELS satellites on board.

These three satellites include two key references from the Nanosat/Cubesat Syrlinks product range: the EWC27 X-band transmitter and the EWC31 S-band transceiver.

The mission of the EyeSat cubesat is to study zodiacal light. He will take pictures of the Milky Way.

OPS-SAT is a CubeSat that demonstrates new ways of controlling satellites, such as software, applications and innovative technologies.

Syrlinks has also developed the ArgosNEO data collection payload on board the ANGELS satellite. This is the first payload developed by Syrlinks, on behalf of CNES and in association with Thales Alenia Space. ANGELS completes the Argos satellite constellation dedicated to the location and collection of data for the study and protection of our environment.

The whole Syrlinks team is delighted to be part of these adventures!