A sub-metric precision autonomous GNSS navigator for flights in formation

Syrlinks is integrating its spatial GNSS technology into a robust and autonomous multi-frequency GNSS navigator for sub-metric relative positioning in a formation flying context (drones, satellite, aircrafts).

Syrlinks is developing a sub-metric precision GNSS navigator as part of the NASCO project

As part of a DGA-funded R&D project, Syrlinks is developing a sub-metric precision autonomous relative positioning demonstrator for critical flight in formation applications involving drones or satellites. The NASCO demonstrator is based on the Syrlinks space GNSS receiver embedded on the CNES (French National Center for Space Studies) MICROSCOPE satellite and includes new capabilities such as EGNOS and a high-performance dual-frequency (L1/L2) reception capable of providing position, speed and time information even in the presence of electromagnetic interferences. An improvement of the absolute position is delivered by the information provided by the EGNOS systems

The NASCO demonstrator has an inertial unit, a GNSS receiver providing raw measurements, a WiFi module allowing for communication between two receivers, for the transfer of necessary information used by the relative positioning function.

Flight tests on a mirage 2000 aircraft were made in a very integrated prototype derived from NASCO in late 2017.