High Performance Timing Module for underwater systems

It uses a 105 mW 16.384 SC-cut EWOS and the SGTM16HP-UW can be used as a PPS time keeper in all highly battery-constraint underwater systems. The module will automatically adjust the OCXO frequency and phase to the external PPS reference (under GNSS) with an record high precision at 10-11 level (0,05 ppb). Once locked, it can be deployed in GNSS-denied environment (underwater) and will keep a precise synchronization in free-running mode for the embedded electronics (typical aging ±0.2 ppb/day). SGTM16HP-UW is ideal to reduce battery size and extend underwater mission time. Its thermal sensitivity is about ±15 ppb but can be improved down to ±1ppb thanks to a specific firmware on demand.
  • 10, 16.384, 20, 32.768 MHz HCMOS output
  • Thermal sensitivity: ±15 ppb or ±1 ppb (typ.)
  • 115 mW at 25°C (typ.)
  • ±0.2 ppb/day after 30 days (typ.)
  • Pin-to-pin compatible replacement of Chip Scale Atomic Clock