The 1st french angels nano satellite integrates Syrlinks's equipments

Syrlinks, in association with Thales Alenia Space, supplies the miniaturized Argos Neo data collection instrument of the first French Angels nano satellite.

Syrlinks and Thales Alenia Space are developing the miniaturized Argos Neo payload

CNES and Nexeya in Toulouse are building a nano satellite demonstrator together. Named Angels, this demonstrator will be launched in orbit at the end of 2019 and will collect data from the Argos beacons following the boats and analyze the state of the oceans.

Thanks to the miniaturization of components, this 25 kg nano satellite will be equipped with a 2kg payload capable of performing the same functions as an 18kg system! This miniaturized Argos Neo instrument is developed by Syrlinks in association with Thales Alenia Space.

The objective of the mission is to demonstrate the capabilities and the level of performance of this miniaturized instrument and its resistance in a space environment. The Argos system is worldwide renowned because it allows to study and anticipate climatic phenomena, to protect marine eco-systems and to follow fishing boats or animals… More generally, this platform has been designed to respond to different data collection and localization needs.

Syrlinks will also provide the on-board telemetry and telecontrol equipment allowing the repatriation of data to ground-based stations and the modification of the parameters of the satellite.