MMAC-10 MEMS Micro Atomic Clock

MEMS Micro Atomic Clock: MMAC™

The MMAC™ is an atomic frequency reference offering a fantastic trade-off between compactness, consumption and overvall frequency stability performances.

At the core of the MMAC, a MEMS encapsulates a cesium vapor and an onboard digital intelligence makes it possible to achieve the lowest long-term aging performance on the market for compact oscillators, ie 10-10 per month. It also guarantees a few ppb (10-9) of frequency variation over between -40 °C and + 85 °C. Beyond the traditional 10 MHz output, the 1PPS output is synchronizable up to ± 10 ns with respect to an external reference.

With a size of 40 x 35 x 22 mm for a consumption of less than 0.3 W, the micro-clock creates a real technological breakthrough among oscillators in this category. It is a reliable reference and very high quality suitable for harsh environments where it is necessary to overcome a GNSS synchronization (eg long-term underwater missions).




  • Telecom synchronization
  • Oil prospecting (underwater or terrestrial seismic recorders)
  • Radionavigation, PNT (Position, Navigation, Time)
  • Radio communication hardened


  • Ultra weak aging
  • Low consumption
  • High performance synchronization
  • ITAR Free


  • dF / F: ± 1ppb stability over the temperature range -40 ° C / + 85 ° C
  • Aging 1.10-10 / month
  • Synchronization PPS in & out: ± 10 ns
  • Retrace: 5.10-11
  • Consumption < 300 mW
  • Frequencies available: 10.000 MHz (soon 8.192 MHz and 16.384 MHz)
  • Volume: 15 to 20 cm3 in its final form