20 MHz Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillator

EWOS5500 provides a unprecedent trade-off between global performances and high reliability for large volume space applications. It can be delivered in several thousand units at low price, providing a simultaneously very high frequency stability, accuracy and very low power consumption.

It can be used for GNSS, OBC, ranging or Radio functions withint Mini & Microsatellites operating in Low Earth Orbits.

its ASIC core has been tested against radiations up to 100 krad, and this OCXO is robust against shocks & vibrations.  Will be flight proven in 2018.

  • Small size (1.6 cm3) in DIL 14 hermetically sealed package

  • Very low power OCXO, 300mW @ -40°C / atmospheric pressure

  • +5 V power supply

  • 9E-11 short term stability ( t = 1 sec.)

  • ±250 ppb typical frequency stability in -40°C/+75°C temperature range

  • -150 dBc/Hz phase noise at 1 kHz offset

  • High mechanical robustness: MIL-STD-883 M2002 Cond B: 1500g / 0.5ms / 1/2 sine

  • High resistance to radiations (aggravated tests have been performed up to 100Krad).

  • Cost effective solution for large volumes space applications