High Shock, Low G sensitivity 10 MHz Low Power COTS OCXO for Space Applications

EWOS0535 is using a robust and high quality quartz resonator particularly resistant to shocks and vibrations. It is targeting COTS space applications and also ground/airborne embedded products that require a very low power electronics.

EWOS0535 is available for 10 MHz frequency. It is flight-proven and used in many satellites in orbit.

  • Very low power OCXO, 300 mW @ -40°C
  • +5 V power supply
  • Small size (2 cm3) in DIL 14 hermetically sealed package
  • ±100 ppb typical frequency stability in -40°C/+60°C temperature range
  • 2E-11 short term stability (t = 1 s)
  • -150 dBc/Hz phase noise at 1 KHz offset
  • 5E-10/g acceleration sensitivity
  • Cost Effective