S band Transceiver CCSDS

EWC15-C is based on the well-known EWC15 S band transceivers which have flown in ROSETTA, DEEP IMPACT, and other numerous famous missions with a worry a low power consumption, light mass, into a compact & low-cost design. EWC15 series have been initially used for Inter-Satellite-Link, and was later adapted to TT&C for small satellite in Low Earth Orbit, such as for the famous MYRIADE platform, jointly lead by CNES/Airbus D&S/Thales. Extensive tests were performed at component and at product levels in order to measure the security margins.
The reliability of EWC15 series have been highly demonstrated by more than 50 flight model units cumulating more than 300 years in space. Since EWC15, EWC15-C receiver part has been improved to comply with large CCSDS ground stations networks. This improvement part comes from other qualified Syrlinks radios. A smart communication protocol has been introduced in order to achieve a fast signal acquisition: on-board sweep / lock on CW.
The transmitter and the receiver include each an isolated DC-DC converter with a 21/35V input range. Some “electronic fuses” are also implemented on board to switch-off some power lines in case of latch-up – or over current consumption – due to space radiations.




  • Telemetry, Tracking & Control (TT&C)
  • InterSatellites & Proximity Links (ISL)
  • 5+ years life-time LEO missions
  • Observation & Scientific plateform & payloads


  • CCSDS Compatible
  • Qualified COTS Design
  • Low consumption
  • ITAR Free



  • Radiation tested & hardened
  • Based on EWC15


  • Based on EWC15, more than 50 FM

- MYRIADE - Airbus/CNES/Thales Aliena Space
- ROSETTA (x4)
- DEMETER (x2)p
- PARASOL (x2)
- PICARD (x2)
- SPIRALE (x4)
- ELISA (x8)
- ESSAIM (x8)
- VNREDSAT-1A (x2)
- ALSAT2A (x2)
- SSOT (x2)
- ALSAT2B (x2)
- Others awaiting to be launched: TARANIS, ...

  • EWC15-C : several units waiting to be launched (upon request)


  • CCSDS, Spaceflight Industries, KSAT, NEN*, Atlas, RBC Signals, ...