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BREITLING chooses SYRLINKS technology

Emergency II officially launched at BASELWORLD 2013 end of April 2013

SYRLINKS was selected by BREITLING to design and manufacture a dual-frequency transmitter for Emergency II compliant with the specifications of the Cospas-Sarsat International alert satellite system.

The 406MHz frequency launches an alert via the satellite constellation. 121.5 MHz signal is used to guide save and rescue missions, the localization and rescue operations

A masterpiece of miniaturization and high technology, this 406MHz and 121.5MHz transmitter required the development of avant-garde electronic solutions by SYRLINKS. the very low electronic content in the watch is an unprecedented technological achievement.

The 121.5 MHz and 406MHz signals are generated from a specific digital integrated circuit. 


Result of two years of effort by the SYRLINKS R & D, a very low power consumption electronic board allows the transmission of a signal at 406MHz over a 24 hour period to the satellites. High efficiency RF amplifiers have been especially designed to minimize the size of the battery.

Due the work done by SYRLINKS with the Cospas-Sarsat organization, this C/S beacon embedded in this emergency watch can use a rechargeable battery.

SYRLINKS also developed a charger tester to periodically recharge the battery and to automatically check  the operation of the dual-frequency Emergency II transmitter.

Finally, SYRLINKS designed a compact dual frequency antenna VHF/UHF for this watch.




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