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The Syrlinks team participates in the success of the Rosetta mission

The Syrlinks team participates in the success of the Rosetta mission.

The Rosetta mission, initiated by ESA, is the first space mission to succed to put a lander on the surface of a comet (67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko) .

This mission, which takes its name from the Rosetta Stone, aims to reveal the history of the solar system through the analysis of a comet.

Rosetta has been traveling through the solar system for 10 years, and arrived close to the comet in September. After coming out of a near three-yeardeep-space hibernation in January, the satellite now has sufficient power to check out its science payload.

The Syrlinks team had an important role in the design of this probe in providing four S band transceivers (transmitter/receiver). Two transceivers are embarked in the Rosetta orbiter and two others in the Philae lander. These equipment are used in redundancy to secure the operation of communications between the lander and the orbiter .

Our R & D team has designed reliable, efficient, compact and lightweight radiocommunication equipment which allow Philae to reach the comet in the best conditions while communicating with the orbiter.


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