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Safety Market

Our approach is to enhance both our "highly reliable" know-how and our ability to design ruggedized terminals in specific frequency bands in emulation of a standard transceiver.

Objectives for the safety market

  • To develop communication systems ruggedized for safety applications based on "COTS solutions
  • To develop electronic boards for Argos and Cospas Sarsat
Cospas-Sarsat and Argos markets are a continuation of space activities. Indeed, the ground products for saving lives must be very reliable.

Objective for Cospas-Sarsat market

  • To be the reference in designing electronic boards for C/S beacons
  • To provide solutions that are more integrated and cheaper thanks to the specific RF-IC and power amplifier LTCC module developed by the team.

Objective for Argos market

  • Become a beacon provider (transmitter / receiver) for Argos 4 with CLS operator, compatible with different generations of Argos 2, 3 and 4.
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