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Telemetry Tracking & Command Transceiver for small platforms

TT&C Transceivers

  S Band TT&C  transceiver for CubeSat and Nanosatellites   

Syrlinks EWC 31 nano transceiver was designed for Nanosatellites targeting a lifetime in Low Earth Orbit up 2 years. EWC 31 is compliant with the CCSDS recommendations, and includes a very compact diplexer adapted to CubeSat form factor.

Different configurations & options are available, such as high bitrate on telemetry, tracking functions (Ranging and/or Coherent mode).

EWC 31 TT&C transceiver in S band for nanosatellites


 S Band TT&C transceiver for micro-satellites, based on qualified COTS components

Syrlinks EWC15 S Band transceiver is the most well-known and most notorious radio product designed by Syrlinks Team.

EWC15 has been developed in collaboration with CNES to meet the expectations of LEO satellite platforms. For the time being, more than 40 Flight Model units have already been deployed and are operating in Orbit.


EWC15 TT&C transceiver in S band for microsatellites based on COTS


EWC15-C is based on the famous EWC15 S band transceiver. Receiver part of EWC15-C has been improved to comply with large CCSDS ground stations networks.

EWC15-C integration, especially by Syrlinks customers using previously EWC15, will be facilitated by identical form factor and connectors, and similar interfaces of EWC15.

X/S Band TT&C transceiver for CubeSat and Nanosatellites


EWC27+OPT27-SRX answers to this new game-changing on small satellites, permitting simultaneously Telemetry Tracking & Command (TT&C) into a stand-alone and single miniature unit.

  • Downlink telemetry: X Band transmitter with high datarate capabilities up to 100 Mbps (optional).
  • Uplink Command: S band receiver, extracted from Syrlinks EWC31 S Band TT&C transceiver.


EWC27 + OPT27-SRX TT&C transceiver for nanosatellites: X band downlink + S Band uplink.


 TT&C  transceiver in S band for microsatellites - ESA ECSS-Q-ST-60-C CLASS 3 

EWC29 answers to an increasing demand of extended missions in orbit up to 7.5 years in LEO (Low Earth Orbit).

EWC29 CLASS 3 is a reliable, high performance & low power consumption S-band transponder, which was developed by Syrlinks for small platforms.

EWC29 is fully compliant to ECSS-Q-ST-60-C CLASS 3 standard, and is based on space qualified components.

EWC29 TT&C transceiver in S band for microsatellites - CLASS 3


 TT&C  transceiver in S band for minisatellites - ESA ECSS-Q-ST-60-C CLASS 2 

EWC29-II CLASS 2 is an enhanced version of EWC29 S Band TT&C transceiver to answer to an increasing demand of extended missions in orbit up to 10 years in LEO (Low Earth Orbit).

EWC29-II TT&C transceiver in S band for minisatellites - CLASS 2


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