A word from the HR Manager

Every year since its creation, Syrlinks has based its development on shared values.
We are convinced that the commitment of an employee is a source of performance for the company.
That is why, every day, we accompany the men and women in our teams to give them visibility on their career path.

Joining us is sharing the ambitions of a young and innovative company in constant development.


Syrlinks Spirit – Our Values


Constantly innovating and offering the most adapted technologies to our customers are founding values here at Syrlinks. To succeed, the goal is to encourage our employees’ creativity and knowledge-sharing.


Listening to our customers, anticipating their needs and satisfying them are our teams’ priorities: we work together every day to fulfil their projects.


Requirements are present at all levels:
whether they concern performance, product quality or compliance with deadlines expected by our customers.


Knowing our employees means allowing them to have a personalized visibility of their future career path. Giving meaning to work and importance to the individual through enhanced proximity management is a priority at Syrlinks.

Feedback from our teams


RF Engineer

« At Syrlinks, I participate in the design of high reliability radio-frequency equipment for harsh environments. The work is carried out in a multi-professional team, in mutual support. So I develop my know-how outside my initial area of ​​expertise. This allowed me, among other things, to support projects until their industrialization. Through exciting subjects, I therefore take part in the sustained growth of Syrlinks.»


Project Manager

« I started at Syrlinks as an Quality Engineer. I was trained in space-specific techniques, an exciting environment. Constantly learning new things is my main career goal and Syrlinks has allowed me to evolve into a new profession: Project Manager. In this position, each and every day is different. The good atmosphere and relationships I have at Syrlinks are a fundamental criterion for me. »



Hyper Frequency developpement engineer

Syrlinks is my first professional experience as an engineer, and I am delighted to be part of this very rewarding adventure in the various trades related to telecommunications. I was able to discover a dynamic and experienced team there, as well as the field of space where reliability and performance optimization are the key words that punctuate our daily lives.

Key numbers


Average age

40 years old


Number of employees



Office surface

2,000 m2

4 reasons to join us

As part of our development, we recruit men and women attracted by our culture and our values, that have always guided all our strategic choices. Discover four good reasons to work at Syrlinks…


Integrate a multidisciplinary team

that promotes the exchange and sharing of knowledge

Meet technological challenges

thanks to individual initiatives for the completion of our collective objective


Give meaning to your professional career

by participating in exciting projects: contributing to the exploration of the solar system, to the safety of professionals out at sea and to the study of the wild fauna and flora.

Develop your skills

by joining a successful and experienced team. State-of-the-art equipment is at your disposal to help you achieve your goals.


Gender equality index 2024

Overall index


2023 : 81/100

Pay gap


2023 : 34/40

Wage increase gap


2023 : 35/35

Increase following a return from maternity leave or adoption leave


2023 : N/A

F/M representation among the highest earners


2023 : 0/10