Success stories

Discover the missions, projects & products that contributed to Syrlinks' international presence. Thanks to our teams and partnerships, the company is growing a little more every day!

Synchrocube, an accurate and secure time reference

25 February 2022

The Synchrocube project aims to provide a complementary solution to navigation systems (GNSS: GALILEO; GPS) in order to provide synchronization functions when GNSS navigation signals are unusable. Synchrocube is part of the French...

1600 RF products supplied to Airbus OneWeb Satellites

19 October 2021

Syrlinks is proud to have reached the milestone of 1600 products delivered to Airbus OneWeb Satellites for the OneWeb constellation, which aims to provide broadband Internet access for all.

Synspective selects Syrlinks X-Band transmitter for its StriX β satellite

06 October 2021

Syrlinks, the worldwide leader in the design of RF Communication systems for Space and Synspective, a Japanese satellite space operator, are proud to announce their partnership in the integration of Syrlinks’s compact X-Band Telemetry...

Pléiades Neo constellation

25 May 2021

Pléiades Neo, initiated, financed and operated by Airbus Defense & Space, is a constellation of four high-performance earth observation satellites. The constellation will be deployed over 2021 and 2022, and will complement the European...

Syrlinks, RF manufacturer of ANGELS & EyeSat

20 December 2019

Syrlinks supplied the onboard TT&C Transceivers and High Data rate Transmitters for ANGELS and EyeSat, allowing the control of these satellites and the download of mission data towards the ground stations. The ANGELS satellite also...

Payloads of the Kinéis IoT constellation

19 July 2019

Syrlinks, the French SME, has been chosen by Thales Alenia Space to contribute to the design and delivery of the instruments, embedded in the future Kinéis constellation nanosatellites.

Syrlinks allows OneWeb to control its satellites

01 April 2019

The American OneWeb successfully took control of its first 6 satellites launched on February 27, 2019, thanks to the equipment designed by Syrlinks. This victory sets Syrlinks as world leader in space radiocommunications.

New stakeholder in sea safety

16 May 2017

SIMY® is the registered trademark of Syrlinks’ general public safety products. The company markets SIMY brand products on its merchant site:

PerùSAT-1 satellite mission

15 September 2016

PerúSAT-1 is the first Peruvian satellite for Earth-observation. It was provided by Aibus Defence and Space for the Peruvian space agency CONIDA.

Stakeholder within the French REFIMEVE+ time reference network

13 June 2016

The REFIMEVE+ (Fiber Metrological Network to European Vocation) project aims to deliver an ultra-precise optical fiber time frequency to European laboratories.

Microscope satellite embeds Syrlinks' radio products

25 April 2016

The Microscope space mission is the result of a collaboration between the CNES (French National Center for Space Studies), the Côte d’Azur Observatory and ZARM (Bremen, Germany). It aims to test Albert Einstein’s principal of...

The first argos 4 referenced beacons for CNES

05 December 2014

Argos is a global satellite tracking and data collection system dedicated to studying and protecting the planet’s environment. The Argos system is operated, managed and marketed by the company CLS, the operator of Argos system.


26 November 2014

Syrlinks has been selected by the CNES (French National Center for Space Studies) to provide the radio communication equipment for the next generation of Myriade Evolutions micro satellites.

The success of ROSETTA spatial probe

12 November 2014

Ten years after their launch, the Syrlinks TMTC transceivers on Philae have been successfully activated.

Breitling’s emergency watch II

08 April 2013

Syrlinks is the first company to have implemented a miniature distress beacon in a watch. En case of distress, after pressing a button on the watch, a signal is sent to the satellites of the Cospas-Sarsat system for 24 hours.