Breitling’s emergency watch II

Syrlinks is the first company to have implemented a miniature distress beacon in a watch. En case of distress, after pressing a button on the watch, a signal is sent to the satellites of the Cospas-Sarsat system for 24 hours.

Syrlinks designed and manufactured a dual-frequency transmitter that meets the specifications of the Cospas-Sarsat International Satellite Alert System for the Emergency Watch II. The 406MHz frequency is used to launch the alert via the LEOSAR and GEOSAR satellites network. The 121.5 MHz frequency is used to guide the locating and rescue operations. As a masterpiece of miniaturization and high technology, this 406 MHz & 121.5 MHz transmitters required the development of cutting-edge electronical solutions by Syrlinks' teams.

High-efficiency radiofrequency amplifiers were designed to minimize the battery size.

Syrlinks also developed a charger-tester that can periodically recharge the battery and then automatically check the proper functioning of the dual-frequency transmitter of the Emergency II. Thanks to the work carried out by Syrlinks within the Cospas-Sarsat organization, this watch-distress beacon can use a rechargeable battery.

Lastly, Syrlinks also designed a very compact VHF/UHF dual-frequency antenna for this watch.