About Syrlinks

Syrlinks is a company specialized in the development of radiocommunication and radio frequency products for 4 fields of activity: space, defence, security & time-frequency.

Your partner in radio communication and geolocation

Syrlinks designs, develops and manufactures radiocommunication and radiofrequency products and systems for 4 business areas: space, defense, security and time-frequency. Syrlinks manufactures robust, miniature and high performance products for all its customers worldwide.

Syrlinks' origins

For its first space contract, Syrlinks participated in the development of the CNES’s (French Space Agency) MYRIADE platform for Earth observation missions. Syrlinks' visibility was also built up thanks to the ROSETTA space mission aiming to explore Comet Chury. Syrlinks designed and manufactured the wireless communication systems linking the Rosetta probe to the Philae robot-lander.

Concurrently, the company evolved in the defense sector through the design of accurate positioning systems and GPS/GNSS receivers able to detect, geolocate, classify and potentially neutralize radiofrequency sources. These devices are deployable for in instance in the protection of sensitives sites or the control of civil and military spectrum. The company has been working since its beginnings with the French DGA (Directorate General of the Armies) to respond to the needs of the French armed forces.

Syrlinks is also involved in the security field. The company manufactures miniature modules and beacons mainly used for tracking and distress purposes. The company has distinguished itself in its partnership with the watch-making brand Breitling, by equipping its new EMERGENCY II watch with an alert and geolocation system - a technological feat in terms of miniaturization.

In 2017, the company set itself a new challenge and developed at-sea distress beacons integrated into lifejackets. Syrlinks, usually aimed at professionals (BtoB), wants to diversify and reach the general public. The company’s new goal is the democratization of security products thanks to its new brand SIMY. Syrlinks markets its beacons through its own e-commerce website: For less than 200 euros, in case of distress, amateur or professional sailors, will have a beacon capable of alerting boats and coast stations within a radius of 5 to 10 nautical miles.

What are the goals for up coming years ?

Syrlinks wants to offer its clients an extended range of products, always in line with the requirements imposed by the different markets in which the company operates. In order to meet  growing demands, the company has been investing in new production means.

With the reliability of its products and the quality of its services, Syrlinks is one of the world leaders in space radiocommunication systems. To maintain this dynamic, Syrlinks focuses on innovation, strengthens its workforce, develops its export strategy and diversifies its offer.