Spectrum monitoring : Syrlinks' Solution

Syrlinks designs miniature, low-power RF sensors that detect, geolocate, process, classify and disable radio emitters. These sensors respond to many applications related to spectrum monitoring such as the protection of infrastructure and sensitive areas, the control of civilian or military spectrums, surveillance of large areas, etc. The targeted frequency bands are: VHF, PMR, mobile and satellite phone, Wifi, etc.

Depending on the variant, our sensors have analogue and digital analysis capabilities, signal acquisition, power measurement, dating, synchronization and signal processing (PDOA, TDOA, AOA). Consumption can be optimized based on the deployment context (fixed or mobile) to improve battery life. These devices are well-suited to the needs of embedded applications aboard drones or balloons that often require network operation. Our sensors can be combined with many supervisory systems to integrate with existing systems as a complementary threat detection capability.

Thus, the classification of transmitters and their geolocation in the periphery of sensitive sites, in particular in isolated areas, allows the security operator to extend the scope their investigations to large geographical areas. Based on the latest generation of software radio platforms, our equipment boasts wide frequency bands and can easily be configured according to customer needs.


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Radio-frequency spectrum monitoring system

The G-HUNT system allows for the detection, localization, demodulation and jamming of a radio signal.

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