Radio-frequency spectrum monitoring system

The G-HUNT system can detect, locate, demodulate and jam a radio source. It consists of a network of sensors and a central processing unit. A HMI (Human Machine Interface) allows an operator to access the various functions of a sensor and visualize the frequency spectrum. The chosen modular architecture makes it possible to deploy from 1 to N sensors depending on the area to cover and the desired application.

On the one hand, the RF front end allows adaptation to the frequency band to be monitored. On the other hand, the power supply allows the sensor to operate with different energy sources present on the site: mains, PoE, battery, etc.

Through this approach, G-HUNT knows how to adapt and respond to different environments.



  • Continuously learn about the RF environment
  • Detect/Alert
  • Locate
  • Demodulate
  • Jam


Key features

  • Frequency band: 70MHz to 6GHz 
  • Geolocation techniques: PDOA, TDOA and AOA
  • Modular sensor: RF heads, power supply.
  • Power source: Sector, PoE, Battery, etc.
  • Synchronization of sensors with a GPS signal