Since its creation, Syrlinks has relied on its know-how in miniaturization and its ability to optimize technologies related to radio communications. Thanks to the development of innovative products, the company has succeeded in strengthening its reputation in the space, defense and security sectors.

A strategy based on innovation

Innovation is at the heart of the company's development. We devote significant human resources to this: more than 60 engineers and technicians are directly involved on a daily basis in Research and Development activities. Syrlinks devotes almost 5 million euros per year to the development of new technologies and new products.

The company positions itself in its markets by optimizing its products’ space and energy consumption to facilitate their deployment in harsh environments.

The Syrlinks Method

Syrlinks relies on the synergy between its 4 areas of activities (Space, Defense, Security and Time-Frequency) as part of its development strategy.

Syrlinks’ know-how in the space field, which relies on the use of COTS, has namely been applied to the field of defense to make products more reliable.

Modules and miniature AIS beacons, Cospas-Sarsat and Argos solutions benefit from these cross-cutting skills and have helped expand Syrlinks’ product range.

Syrlinks also develops high-tech products through the ongoing monitoring of key areas, such as radiofrequency, signal processing and communication protocols.

Syrlinks encourages partnerships, which are a source of innovation

Syrlinks regularly establishes partnerships with research laboratories such as the IETR and the FEMTO institute in Besançon, as well as with universities to improve R&D in the field of radiocommunication.