The smallest Argos Bird tracking beacon

MRBA-25G is the lightest bird tracking tag using Argos tracking services. It includes a solar panel, a rechargeable battery, as well as a GNSS receiver ensuring a permanent high-precision positioning. MRBA-25G also has a set of functions and sensors.

MRBA-25G is designed for tracking birds and wild animals weighing over 600g. The beacon included:

  • An Argos transmitter -Argos PTT - using the satellites constellation Argos 2
  • A solar panel and a rechargeable battery
  • A temperature sensor and an accelerometer
  • Compact GNSS receiver with on-board antenna, low power consumption
  • Water resistance of 200 bar (up to 2000 m diving depth)

MRBA-25G can also be used to track marine animals and export their biologging data (seabirds, but also large animals such as elephant seals). A suite of configurable programs is also delivered with the tag to facilitate its use during operations.